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Bicycle race to Bruges, continued 1 (Oostkamp and windmills)

So, what do you expect on a long weekend in May? Sure, all accommodation at fancy places (like Bruges, you see…) is sold out.

I want to ride my bicycle … to Bruges

Yes, yes, yes – I survived a visit to Bruges WITHOUT the waffles… I know this is a shame, but I am on a no-sweets challenge during May, hence I had to resist in order to not spoil it.

Where money is made 2.0

Uh, it is time for an update from the place where money is made. Some observations: It tells me that it is spring! But how come…? When going to work in the morning, this used to be my welcome scene:… Continue Reading →

Where money is made

How do you like Frankfurt´s youngest high rise? I have split feelings, because the building has robbed me of a lost place. But let’s start at the beginning.

The real birth of Darth Vader – Barcelona

Yeah – a company outing in Barcelona, with (some) work on Friday, (some) party till Saturday and two more days to explore after the official part was over. It was a „long time no see“, so long overdue to go… Continue Reading →

China in my eyes (#3): Infrastructure

I was thinking to name this post „giants & dwarfs“, because this is what came to my mind first. But as I try to be clear in what I intend to say, I decided to leave it at „infrastructure“. This… Continue Reading →

Light painting with Pentax

The second workshop I took on night photography made clear again how very special I am 🙂

Winter lights at arctic temperatures

One of my serious New Year’s resolutions for 2017 is to get better at balancing work and life. Work is a constant, intense but ok, so not so much to be done at that end of the equation.

Artists, joined

I visited Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt yesterday to see an exhibition of Giacometti and Nauman. Both did not meet each other at lifetime, but the curators think that they have lot’s in common, especially the “nothing”, the void.

Oh, that lovely decay (Vive la France, 5)

Sometimes I wonder why the look of decay fascinates me. Shouldn’t I rather like the glossy, new, spotless surface of a freshly painted wall? The silvery shine of a smooth metal surface, cool to the look, even cooler to the… Continue Reading →

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