Note to the reader: I drafted this post quite a while back – not sure why I did not publish it at that time. Why not do it now – otherwise it would be a waste altogether.

Sometimes a window of opportunity opens and you just have to walk through it. With a photographer from Frankfurt, I had the opportunity to go to a rooftop terrace in the middle of the city, right between the big skyline elements on Mainzer Landstraße. Normally this is a place that is not accessible to John and Jane Doe, but with Ulrich’s help we made it up to the 45th floor and beyond.

Taunus view (north-ish)

One thing was the view. It was breathtaking.

Another thing was the fact that I finally gathered some photo material to try out my acquired Photoshop skills and create a panorama. And yes, it worked – ok, ok, there is still some progress to be made on the photographic side, but as far as the panorama function in post-processing is concerned, I can tick that off my learning list.

Main view (south-ish)

There is still the black-and-white lover deep inside me, so I could not resist…

For the views, you must work first

Still flashed from the views, I thought to myself: “Can I have those views from my kitchen window, please? Please…!”

The response.