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Top of Frankfurt

Note to the reader: I drafted this post quite a while back – not sure why I did not publish it at that time. Why not do it now – otherwise it would be a waste altogether. Sometimes a window… Continue Reading →

Wild ride on two cylinders

What happens when nostalgia meets adventure? See for yourself.

Hamburg, meine Perle (my pearl)

There is one place in Germany that has something in common with Janis Joplin. It is its nick name “pearl”. See for yourself.

Icke in Berlin (aka “me” in Berlin)

Berlin, Berlin, Dein Herz kennt keine Mauern. (Berlin, Berlin, your heart has no walls).

Elphi, beauty of the north

It has taken 10 years, but now it is there, the jewel of architecture. I just love Elphi, a concert hall at its best, in the far north of Germany. But have a look for yourself.

Bicycle race to Bruges, continued 3 (bridges and then some)

How much time can you spent in a town like Bruges? Well it depends on how slowly you move. There are many snug places you can spend time in, just strolling and watching and thinking nothing.

Bicycle race to Bruges, continued 2 (house of time and canal boats)

As part of the Triennale 2018, a co-creation space was founded in Wulpenstraat: the House of Time. Besides some wooden structures like benches, a bar, pleasant seating areas, one other place caught my eye.

Bicycle race to Bruges, continued 1 (Oostkamp and windmills)

So, what do you expect on a long weekend in May? Sure, all accommodation at fancy places (like Bruges, you see…) is sold out.

The beauty of decay (in case you forgot)

I think I wrote a post with that same name already, some years back. Seems to be a stable character trait, this fascination with decay.

Rastede, Germany

This is November in Rastede, a little town in northern Germany (approx. 22.000 inhabitants), with a beautiful church (St. Ulrich’s) and

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