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I want to ride my bicycle … to Bruges

Yes, yes, yes – I survived a visit to Bruges WITHOUT the waffles… I know this is a shame, but I am on a no-sweets challenge during May, hence I had to resist in order to not spoil it.

Those people know me…

Before I knew it myself, the owner of this café knew what I feel deep inside:

Where money is made 2.0

Uh, it is time for an update from the place where money is made. Some observations: It tells me that it is spring! But how come…? When going to work in the morning, this used to be my welcome scene:… Continue Reading →

Kiwi impressions (17/21) – Abel Tasman and a superman

I chose to visit the wonderful Abel Tasman national park the easy way: Doing a day hike embedded in a cruise complemented. by a free pick up service from my accomodation.

If Batman is your new boss

Just imagine you have a new boss. He is American and he got promoted to global lead of something just recently. And then you happen to use his office for a confidential phone call.

Winter joy and a little surprise

We welcomed winter yesterday, finally. Which means, we needed to go where the winter is instead of the winter coming to us, but anyway.

Make your own starry night sky

I took this picture many years ago in a cool café in Berlin, Hackesche Höfe. I have no clue whether the café and/or the starry sky still exist, but the picture has stayed in my mind for all those years.

The lovely transformation of flour, eggs, butter and sugar at 180°C

This is a journey far into my childhood – marble cake was the first I ever baked, with the help of my mum at first, but soon all on my own. I was nine or ten probably at that time…. Continue Reading →

Guantanamera… number 1.348… oh please….

I went to Cuba, some years back. I hope that now, while opening up to the world, they don’t throw away every charming old thing.

The little “French Café Jeannette”

This is the lovely glass ceiling of a little French café around the corner.

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