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hibou – happy creature of the night

Makers need a creative pause sometimes.

A happy bird ==> water colour session (cheated)

Isn’t this funny – recently I found an online course called “happy birds” on Clarissa is a creative coach and artist who teaches a technique she calls “happy painting”.

Unchain my soul

You cannot not communicate. On a wall of an innocent house, I found this message. What does this communicate? (a) I have a mess in my head.

Zombie Unicorn – 2018 has started

This year has started as a challenge. I have been ill for seven weeks in a row with ups and downs, but totally unable to do ANY sports of some kind. 500 meters of slow walking to the grocery store… Continue Reading →

Some more cats…

I have neglected new incoming cat (and other) drawings from postcards from all over the world – hence here they come. Enjoy.

Hungry Christmas visitor

It is totally unusual that a magpie lands on my window sill. Those guys are really, really

It’s Christmas, almost. Nevertheless, I got a bunny for you today

Oh well, it’s been a while since my last post. Other things have happened which kept me busy. But today I want to give special thanks to the postcrossers who have recently made a drawing for me.

Top 5 fears in a tame journey – South Africa (Bonus Track)

BONUS TRACK: Later that day, aquaplaning my way through thunderstorm number 2 towards Graaf-Reinet (now on a tarred road, at least!) I was considerably showered by oncoming cars and nearly washed off the road by an oncoming truck. 

Top 5 fears in a tame journey – South Africa (5/5)

FIVE: What if I shipwreck (even while traveling overland, in a car)? Middle of January, I had hit quite a hot time of the year. But in Mountain Zebra National Park, some lightning and stormy clouds added nicely to the scene as if copied… Continue Reading →

Top 5 fears in a tame journey – South Africa (4/5)

FOUR: What if I’m in Africa and don’t see any of the “Big Five”? My itinerary did not allow a visit in any of the parks in the north, especially I had to drop Krueger due to shortage of time. I had… Continue Reading →

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