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I am an idea addict. I am convinced that inspiration is everywhere – provided you go through the world with your eyes, ears and heart wide open.

I will be delighted if you visit this blog, enjoy, maybe respond and let me know what inspires you.

So far people from 128 of 250 countries have visited windkind. That is 51.20% of the world!

According to Gallup’s strengths finder, I am ideation, learner, strategic, individualization, and futuristic.

I love adventure, also including adrenaline. I love to try new things, from forging to paragliding to resin casting – and lately, woodworking (again). I love to learn and know things just for the purpose of knowing.

I love to travel, especially to places I have not yet been before. During times of too much work, I try to let my mind travel, at least – and this is what I share in this blog. I have a bucket list which keeps growing uncontrollably – and I work hard on it. But I am not obsessed – I can get lost in places. Sometimes I forget to “go there – do that”, I just follow that little street and see where it leads me.


“windkind” is a nickname I was given by a dear friend who said: You are most you with wind in your hair. I think he was very right. windkind can be translated to “hija del viento”, “the wind’s child”, “l’enfant du vent” – but you are welcome to let the word play inspire you.

The pic above shows me in a fantastic place – on a via ferrata in the Dolomites, in the Brenta region, with 200 m of air below my feet.

Sometimes, I’m this. Figure out what that could mean, and let me know…Avatar