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Elphi, beauty of the north

It has taken 10 years, but now it is there, the jewel of architecture. I just love Elphi, a concert hall at its best, in the far north of Germany. But have a look for yourself.

Lettering # 11 – One for my babe

This one – currently the last in the series – is a special one, dedicated to my dear friend babe. She knows why. Just picture a hammock

Kiwi impressions (14/21) – Christmas carols in a cardboard box

I very much like the optimism and hunger for a normal life that is all apparent in Christchurch. At Christmas eve, I attended a sing-along concert of the Christchurch cathedral choir in the transitional cathedral, a.k.a. cardboard cathedral, bacause it… Continue Reading →

Northern sing-along

What are the stereotypes about Finns? I don’t really know, and I don’t care either. But I have a new one and would suggest to establish it in the eternal book of global stereotypes:

African queens in my shower

How can you get the world come to you if you have no time to go out into the world? Haha, I have found the solution.

Happiness is now!

I’m going to move house. When I look out of my window, I see a little alternative café. The people who run it have mounted a sign reading “Happy Germany Place”.

Guantanamera… number 1.348… oh please….

I went to Cuba, some years back. I hope that now, while opening up to the world, they don’t throw away every charming old thing.

Bees breathing – a YOGA team exercise

Today, at the Yoga class, it was Rebecca on duty again. She made us lie down with our heads turned towards the center of the room and do the “bees’ breathing”. This means

Marshmallows & granite

Picture puzzle: What do you see here? (a) An abstract portrait of Benjamin Button (b) The adolescent moon with acne (c) A maverick’s attempt to create a car wheel from ingrain wallpaper Send your response as a comment and win… Continue Reading →

Soul food

I spent New Years’ eve in Marrakech. I caught a bad cold during the chilly night out there on Jamaa el Fna (Djema el-Fna). Back home, to get rid of the cough and snuffles, I decided to do some serious cooking… Continue Reading →

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