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Communication is everything

Said is not meant is not thought is not said – maybe.  

Bicycle race to Bruges, continued 2 (house of time and canal boats)

As part of the Triennale 2018, a co-creation space was founded in Wulpenstraat: the House of Time. Besides some wooden structures like benches, a bar, pleasant seating areas, one other place caught my eye.

Heartbroken and drunk

No, no, don’t worry. This is not me. This is someone who was heartbroken and hence got drunk last summer. You can find the story in the little things left behind the night a very big hangover was born.

China in my eyes (# 5): Transport

Well… there are lot’s of options in China to get from A to B. Let’s have a look at some of them.

China in my eyes (#4): Lifestyle

It’s time for another post about China – before the memory fades… Today, some thoughts about lifestyle.

China in my eyes (#1): Communication

Recently, I travelled to China for the first time in my life. This country has been on my bucket list for quite some while already, and the tipping point for deciding to finally go see it was when a climbing… Continue Reading →

The best days are those you wake up with a headache from

The year says good bye, asking itself why it is that people make such a fuss about New Year’s eve.

This old house of ours is made of dreams (Vive la France, 2)

A summer in France. Le savoir vivre. Visits in old villages on sunny afternoons in a dreamy mood, questioning the concept of ever returning back home from these places. For some reason, just then, the moment

Lettering # 8 – Certainty is dangerous

I was looking through a little book of French quotes to find a nice one for my hand lettering studies. I noticed that the French seem to be very talkative,

Lettering # 4 – Too many priorities

I’ve always wondered why we struggle putting too many things into one day – why can’t we just have two lives at once – ok, hey, I’ll take three if you don’t want two. Just give me some, then I’ll… Continue Reading →

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