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hibou – happy creature of the night

Makers need a creative pause sometimes.

The beauty of decay (in case you forgot)

I think I wrote a post with that same name already, some years back. Seems to be a stable character trait, this fascination with decay.

Winter view

I’m desperately waiting for spring. I’m missing the sun. The light. The green. The everything.

Winter lights at arctic temperatures

One of my serious New Year’s resolutions for 2017 is to get better at balancing work and life. Work is a constant, intense but ok, so not so much to be done at that end of the equation.

Rivers deep, mountains high (Vive la France, 8)

Here we go, finally a eulogy to the beauty of France’s nature, which is lovely to see, to feel and be part of. Rivers deep…

Escape! (aka. where we fled from the rain – Vive la France, 7)

The big advantage of a roadtrip is that you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. In particular you can leave a place, just so. And so we did – without seeing his majesty Mt. Blanc at all.

It’s raining men (Vive la France, 6)

No, it’s not raining men, it’s raining rain, that’s it…!

The ugly creatures in deep black waters (Vive la France, 3)

The lake is calling, the shiny waters of a lake laying deep and black and promising in a world full of trees and fields and meadows and dust and summer heat.

Gingko Biloba

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe A poem for his lover Marianne von Willemer, 1815

Top 5 fears in a tame journey – South Africa (Bonus Track)

BONUS TRACK: Later that day, aquaplaning my way through thunderstorm number 2 towards Graaf-Reinet (now on a tarred road, at least!) I was considerably showered by oncoming cars and nearly washed off the road by an oncoming truck. 

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