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5 ways to run a marathon. Or: Cement on fire. Or: Running is a brain exercise.

“This is your day.” What shall I say – the marketing slogan for the Frankfurt Marathon is true. I SURVIVED!

Project M. – Update

Uh, well, I just wanted to give a little update on project M., which I have worked on since January.

Project M. – Hips don’t lie

“And I’m on tonight You know my hips don’t lie And I’m starting to feel it’s right All the attraction, the tension Don’t you see baby, this is perfection” This is what Shakira sings. And what about me?

Project M. – My serious fight for carbohydrates

Today, my training turned into serious business. It was long run day again (as every Sunday) – I did a 25,5 km jog along the river. This was the longest distance I have run, ever. For a first time, it… Continue Reading →

Project M. – Anxiety kicks in

How could I commit to running a big race this year? Didn’t I foresee what was coming? The endless kilometers under my feet, the hours, the intervals? 

Kiwi impressions (19/21) – The best color of all

Take water, I mean lot’s of water, add air, mix it fiercely, and you’ll get the best imaginable color: turquoise. This happens at Huka Falls near Taupo, where the beautiful Waikato river first squeezes through a little narrow gorge at… Continue Reading →

If Batman is your new boss

Just imagine you have a new boss. He is American and he got promoted to global lead of something just recently. And then you happen to use his office for a confidential phone call.

Kiwi impressions (10/21) – It’s all about rugby

I was wondering what the ever apparent fern leaf was meant to symbolize. After a little while I realized it is about the NZ rugby team, who have the fern leaf as their symbol. Now even the coffee tastes a… Continue Reading →

Kiwi impressions (1/21) – Flying high

Oh, I’m so awfully jetlagged. The 30 hours of travel have helped to sleep fast and sound, but it feels “upside down, still. Let’s see what happens during the day.

Learning to swim (a.k.a. Scary movie)

This is the little lake where I went swimming as a kid. I learned it in our pool at home, under surveillance, but once I was able to not drown, off we went to the natural pond you can see here…. Continue Reading →

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