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Communication is everything

Said is not meant is not thought is not said – maybe.  

Zombie Unicorn – 2018 has started

This year has started as a challenge. I have been ill for seven weeks in a row with ups and downs, but totally unable to do ANY sports of some kind. 500 meters of slow walking to the grocery store… Continue Reading →

China in my eyes (#3): Infrastructure

I was thinking to name this post „giants & dwarfs“, because this is what came to my mind first. But as I try to be clear in what I intend to say, I decided to leave it at „infrastructure“. This… Continue Reading →

China in my eyes (#1): Communication

Recently, I travelled to China for the first time in my life. This country has been on my bucket list for quite some while already, and the tipping point for deciding to finally go see it was when a climbing… Continue Reading →

Lack of humbleness and where it leads

I did it again…! I – again – took a masterpiece of lyrics and translated it to English – this time it is a poem of his holyness Herrmann Hesse.

nanowrimo, it’s November again!

nanowrimo, day one. word count: zero (0). nanowrimo, day two. word count: zero (0). … arrgghhh, this is zero, I mean.

Gingko Biloba

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe A poem for his lover Marianne von Willemer, 1815

Lettering # 10 – Now, let’s get pathetic

Uh, are we gettint too pathetic here? What do you think?

Lettering # 9 – A classic

I know, this is a classic, a cliché even. But who cares? 

Lettering # 5.1 – Don’t like school? Not good. (updated version)

The fact that I did no like the result of my lettering for the “Go to school!” statement haunted me for a while. The first version was just plain ugly, non-inviting and somehow stressful.

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