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Those people know me…

Before I knew it myself, the owner of this café knew what I feel deep inside:

China in my eyes (#2): Nutrition

Yes, it’s been a while since my first China post – but some things just take their time. My topic for today is a yummy one: nutrition. You think you know everything about Chinese food because there is this take-away… Continue Reading →

Les Tropeziennes (Vive la France, 4)

Do you remember the little pleasures of your childhood? One of mine are going to the bakery and buying a “Streuselschnecke” – a little round streusel cake or crumble cake – filled with fluffy sweet white cream, with loads of… Continue Reading →

Special snack inspiration (a.k.a. chocolate surprise)

Not sure whether I wrote about Michelstadt already… So, anyway, Christmas would be a good opportunity to do so, as this post might inspire you for some Christmas present.

The lovely transformation of flour, eggs, butter and sugar at 180°C

This is a journey far into my childhood – marble cake was the first I ever baked, with the help of my mum at first, but soon all on my own. I was nine or ten probably at that time…. Continue Reading →

The color of alien blood

You might know jello or jelly – also called ambrosia as I learned today. This is childhood paradise.

Dear granny!

This post is dedicated to my dear granny Hilde, who passed away a long time ago. R.i.p., my dear! Today is your 110th birthday and you can be sure we are thinking of you! When I restructured my book shelf… Continue Reading →

This cake is hot, man!

Oh yeah…! C’mon, let’s do it, yes! Oh, it’s so hot…! Let’s have this fucking awesome cake and brutally luscious coffee. P.S.: Yesterday, I tried. Well, … um… well, it’s somewhat awesome and somewhat luscious…

Target trousers (die Zielhose)

Recently I remembered a conversation I had with my colleague J. We were talking about gaining weight during Christmas and how to avoid it – or better still, how to reverse the trend and actually lose some. J. used a… Continue Reading →

Rudolph, rest in peace

Today, I ate the last cookie which was left from the afternoon I spent in the kitchen of a friend of mine. You saw the vanilla crescent cookies in one of the early-december posts. Now, all are gone, finally. This… Continue Reading →

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