What do Janis Joplin and Hamburg have in common? Both are called “pearl” by those who like(d) them…

I know, this sounds far-fetched, but I could not help my mind to connect, anyway. and I am glad that Hamburg made it beyond 27 years of age.

After having reflected about the reason on my journey to Hamburg earlier this year (check out the Elphi post here), I today want to show some side-effects of this trip, which in themselves seem to be a good enough reason to go there, soon.

Deichtorhallen – where photography lives.
The beauty of decay, again…

The beauty of decay obviously fascinates me – check this or this.

Decay, gimme decay…!
Michel (Sankt Michaelis, Saint Michaels)
A very important question.
It is always worth to WALK

This is the letter “D” in a photography alphabet I started working in, inspired by finding this “D” here.
Speicherstadt – can’t miss this one
Far seas are calling
It’s April, baby
Hamburg Marathon – seen from far, seated comfortably, with a coffee before me.
But mind is racing… Project M. is calling – again…
Walk, walk, and then walk some more
Do not walk in the middle lane here – the bikers in Hamburg are really, really rude.
The old Elbe tunnel, leading to the musical theatres. We’ve seen Mary Poppins. Sooo sweet…!
Far seas are calling, really